Get access to share pages and share buttons that have been designed and extensively optimized to get your users to share with their friends.

Use simple tools to test the Facebook or Twitter message that appears when users share, and pick the language that best drives traffic to your site.

Access real-time data on your community’s sharing behavior to measure your social sharing ROI and make better decisions about your digital program.

"With ShareProgress, we've been able to significantly increase how many of our activists share with their friends -- with a lot less work. It was simple to get started with ShareProgress, and we're now using it on all our major campaigns"

– Becky Bond, CREDO Mobile

"ShareProgress has hit the nail on the head -- mixing stellar support and a user-friendly UI that has made it easier for Sierra Club to integrate highly optimized landing pages and share buttons into online actions."

– Michael Grenetz, Sierra Club

"ShareProgress has made it incredibly easy for us to create effective and great-looking share pages. Each page is quick to set up, and has become the simplest step in our process when getting a big email out the door -- a huge help for a small digital team like ours."

– Erica Sagrans, Working Families Party

New Feature: Email Share Buttons


Have you ever wished you could A/B test social sharing within your email campaigns? If so, we’ve got some good news. ShareProgess is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to embed share buttons, complete with share language… Read more »