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If you're interested in incorporating data science in your work, feel free to send us a message.

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“Data-driven decision-making” should be more than just a trendy phrase. That’s where ShareProgress comes in. We’re the analytics team you’ve always needed, and we’re here to level up your entire operation. From setting up basic optimizations and testing to constructing complex data models and running detailed surveys, we make sure your work has the greatest possible impact–without breaking your budget.

If you're interested in incorporating data science in your work, feel free to send us a message.

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Services We Provide

As a full service analytics operation, we provide a variety of services, including (but certainly not limited to):

• Implementing ladder of engagement tools

• Conducting online-offline experiments

• Optimizing email targeting and performance

• Developing automation tools

• Advanced testing for digital advertising

Our Past Projects

New Models and Testing: CREDO

ShareProgress has worked with CREDO on several analytics projects, developing enhanced statistical models to predict behavior by their email subscribers and testing approaches to reactivate less engaged supporters to minimize burnout and turnover.

"CREDO has worked with ShareProgress on modeling projects and test design. They have consistently delivered value to us and have been great partners in designing and implementing tests that have increased our sales and engagement." Rob Mascola, Director of Marketing Analytics

Analytics: Bringing it All Together: AFL-CIO

ShareProgress worked with the AFL-CIO to create and improve their crucial digital analytics program. This upgrade has meant a wide variety of work, including analysis of key characteristics of their online supporter base and using controlled testing to determine what aspects of their campaigns and online experience best engage their members.

"ShareProgress has helped us test our assumptions, run innovative experiments, and improve our program all around." Nicole Aro, Director of Digital Strategies

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