Is ShareProgress right for your organization?

Is ShareProgress right for your organization?

About ShareProgress

Have you heard about organizations using ShareProgress, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right fit for your work? No worries! We have a few questions and answers that should help you figure out if ShareProgress is right for you.

How do you know if ShareProgress will be a good fit for your organization? Let’s look at some indicators that ShareProgress + your organization = ?

1. You’re trying to reach a new and wider audience with your digital campaigns.

Then you’ve come to the right place! While share pages are an add-on for most email systems, share pages are our bread and butter. We’ve done extensive testing on our share page to make sure that it gets as many of your supporters to share your action as possible. That means more people taking your actions, and more activists on your list. In fact, in a head-to-head competition by Sierra Club between our share page and a standard share page, the ShareProgress share page performed 69-88% better at getting activists to share.

2. You’re looking for a way to test your crazy messaging ideas.

You can try out any messaging ideas you come up with using our handy testing tool. In fact, we recommend that you try crazy ideas, because our testing system will automatically start using whatever messaging performs best. So, if the crazy idea that you have is a bit of a flop, your campaign can still be a big success, because most people will see your better-performing test options. There’s no need to check in on your tests, or to figure out how to set them up on your own. You just need to type in the different messages that you want to try out. Then our tool will automatically set up the A/B test between those options, and give you instant analytics information. All you have to do is check in when you want to see the results.


3. Your organization is focused on digital advocacy.

Our tool does best with digital advocacy, like online petitions and event recruitment. Higher bar actions like raising money or selling products tend to require a different touch. If you’re looking to recruit new campaign activists, or get folks in the door for an event, share pages are a great tool.

4. Your email list has at least a few thousand subscribers.

As a general rule, the ShareProgress tool works best with a medium or large list size, because it gives campaigns the chance to reach their full engagement potential. If your list is smaller than a few thousand, ShareProgress might not be quite right for you (at least not yet!).


5. You’re committed to building a progressive future.

ShareProgress is a progressive organization (we don’t accept conservative clients!). We know the unique needs of progressive nonprofits and campaigns. And we know that nonprofits and campaigns are often big on impact, but short on time. So we’ve tailored our app to help you reach the largest audience you can with the smallest amount of setup time.

Convinced? Great. ShareProgress comes with a one-month free trial, so you can sign up and get started testing ASAP!

Written By

Anna Schmitz