Case Study: Sierra Club Puts ShareProgress to the Test

Case Study: Sierra Club Puts ShareProgress to the Test

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One of ShareProgress’ most popular features among advocacy organizations are the post-action share pages. Not only does ShareProgress make it easy to test social media language, but the share pages use data-driven designs to drive more social sharing from your community. But how do ShareProgress pages compare to the other share pages out there?

To find out, Sierra Club tested ShareProgress share pages against their default petition thank-you page with social sharing options. After taking action on a Sierra Club petition, visitors were randomly shown a ShareProgress page or conventional Sierra Club thank-you page.

In three different experiments, the ShareProgress page increased Facebook sharing by 69% to 88%.

This increase in sharing is leading to petitions with ShareProgress pages getting significantly more signatures than those without. According to Michael Grenetz, Sierra Club’s Director of Digital Innovation: “Our users are now sharing more, ultimately bringing their friends and family to our cause. I would recommend [ShareProgress] to anyone who cares about growing their audience base.”

ShareProgress continually tests and improves our share page designs to help organizations get more engagement through social sharing. You can put our share pages to the test with a 30-day free trial.

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Kimberly Munoz