We’re launching a referral program!

We’re launching a referral program!

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Today, we have a very exciting announcement–ShareProgress is launching a referral program! Many of the organizations we work with have joined based on recommendations from others, and we’ve been hard at work brainstorming a good way to say thank you to folks who have encouraged new groups to sign up.

Part of the ShareProgress mission is to give back to the progressive community. We do that in several different ways (for more details, see our blog post about the ShareProgress mission). In the same vein, we wanted our referral program to also focus on supporting great progressive work.

The way we’re going to do that is by donating $50 to a progressive nonprofit of your choice, whenever an organization you referred becomes a paying ShareProgress client. The possibilities for organizations to donate to could range anywhere from First Book, to The Innocence Project, to PFLAG. If you happen to work at a progressive nonprofit yourself, you’re also welcome to support your own organization!

Here’s how it works. You think of an organization that could benefit from using ShareProgress tools. Recommend to them that they try out ShareProgress. If and when they sign up, we’ll ask them who referred them, and they can pass along your name. If they sign up as a paying client after their month-long free trial, we’ll email you to find out where you’d like us to send the $50 donation.

We’re really excited to support organizations doing great work, so be sure to also let us know when you do refer ShareProgress to others! Just shoot me an email at anna@shareprogress.org, and I’ll make sure we’re keeping track of who you referred and when they come on-board as a ShareProgress client.

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Anna Schmitz