What’s your #NetrootsMadLib?

What’s your #NetrootsMadLib?

Quick Tip

Does Netroots Nation make you feel so (adjective) that you just need to tell (number) of your closest (plural noun)?

We’ve got an app for that.


Netroots Nation, the annual progressive digital organizing conference, is happening this week in Phoenix, Arizona. The ShareProgress team thought it would be amusing to make a MadLib generator application, special for Netroots Nation 2015! We’ve had so much fun scheming up this idea, and we can’t wait for you all to get your chance to create your own. Each MadLib is unique, so tell your #NN15 friends to do one, too.

When you’re done, post it to Twitter with the hashtag #NetrootsMadlib, so that everyone else can admire your brilliance (or insanity). We’ll be posting our favorite MadLibs on the ShareProgress Twitter and Facebook pages, so be sure to check those for more wacky MadLib creations.


We created this MadLib application first because we thought it was hilarious–but also because we wanted to demonstrate what kind of projects are possible with ShareProgress’ new web development and consulting services. If you think that your organization could use a MadLib-generating app, or a web game that teaches users about environmental issues, or any other progressive web application, shoot us an email at info@shareprogress.org. We’d be happy to chat more about your (adjective) idea.

Hope to see you at the Netroots panels!

Written By

Anna Schmitz