A Big Change to Our Share Pages

A Big Change to Our Share Pages

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We have a very exciting announcement today. A big priority at ShareProgress has always been figuring out how we can optimize the performance of the tools we provide to our clients. To that end, we’ve spent the past few months delving into market research on behavioral psychology, conducting focus groups, and running online surveys to better understand how people use our platform. We’ve had long conversations in Slack, Google Hangouts, and in person that have lasted way past 5pm. We’ve thrown out existing assumptions on the mental state of our users and redeveloped engagement models from the ground up.

Today, we’re proud to present the result of that work. It’s going to be a big change. It’s going to be tough, ambitious, and innovative. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to turn heads.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be replacing our share pages with something a bit softer. Fluffier. Cuter.

You’ve met share pages. Now meet… SharePuppies.


When your supporters take an action on one of your issues, they’ll immediately be handed a puppy. Will these puppies increase the social growth of your campaigns? No. Will they be extremely cute? Yes.


Maybe you have a few more questions–we’re happy to answer them!

  • Who will hand them the puppy? Don’t worry about it.
  • Where are we getting these puppies? Don’t worry about it.
  • Do you have to keep the puppy? Yes.
  • Will it disrupt the “pet” market? Yes.
  • Is this available everywhere? Almost! We’re beginning the launch by handing puppies to people who sign your petitions in public places like shopping malls, sidewalks, and parks. But soon we hope to expand our ability to hand your supporters puppies at home, in business meetings, even on airplanes.

We’re looking forward to your feedback as we begin to launch our SharePuppies program!



Written By

Anna Schmitz