What does the new Facebook personalization feature mean for social sharing?

What does the new Facebook personalization feature mean for social sharing?

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Facebook will soon be launching a major change to its “Preferences” options. First off, you’ll be guided along your preference choices by an adorable cartoon crab. Second (and perhaps more significantly), you’ll be given much greater ability to personalize what appears on your newsfeed. This announcement was launched along with a video guiding the user through the new changes.

The friendly crab will enable you to choose which friends’ posts you’d like to see at the top of your Newsfeed, which friends to unfollow, plus a special section to view new brands that you might be interested in.

It’s still not totally clear how that brand section will work. It seems like it could be a hotspot for organizations looking to expand their reach, but it’s likely that the space will be pay-to-play, and it’s still at the whims of the Facebook algorithm.

Pay attention instead to that idea of top friends–those people who Facebook users will be choosing to see at the very top of their newsfeeds.

What does that mean for getting your campaigns to spread on Facebook? It means that friends sharing posts will be even more important than before. Facebook users will be able to scan the top of their newsfeeds, see what their closest friends have posted, and then move on with their lives. Your campaign will have the best chance at success if it’s popping up at the top of newsfeeds.

We posted previously about best practices for sharing on Facebook (use images, make a clear ask, and don’t worry too much about the description), and those best practices are even more relevant with this upcoming Facebook switch. This is a great time to think through how you’re encouraging social sharing on Facebook, and what new elements you can test to make sure that your campaigns are popping up at the top of newsfeeds after this switch.

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Anna Schmitz