Case Study: Small Organization Gets Big Gains Using ShareProgress

Case Study: Small Organization Gets Big Gains Using ShareProgress

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Optimizing social sharing is a winning strategy for organizations of all sizes.

Although large campaigns have the scale to recruit tens of thousands of new supporters by optimizing social sharing, smaller organizations can see significant growth as well. By encouraging your members to share your cause, you can reach new potential supporters regardless of your size.

The organization Stop Brownback created and launched an open letter to Governor Sam Brownback in July 2013. The letter received just over 3,300 signatures — more than 1,000 of those signatures were recruited through social sharing, accounting for 32% of the total signers.

Stop Brownback Petition

ShareProgress helped Stop Brownback use a tested and proven optimized design to encourage action-takers to share with their friends. With ShareProgress, Stop Brownback’s letter was shared over 1,200 times, including by many people who were recruited by social sharing themselves. In fact, the campaign reached 14 viral generations — some person signed the letter, then recruited a friend via social sharing, who signed and recruited another friend, who signed and recruited yet another friend, and so on, 14 times in total.

Optimizing for social sharing doesn’t require a huge outreach network. ShareProgress helps your organization to increase the number of shares and reach a broader audience, without you needing to do all the development and optimization work yourself.

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Kimberly Munoz